Zimbro, "bravo-esmolfe" apple, "lúcia-lima", orange peel and lemon peel, coriander seed, cloves, vanilla, cinnamonOriginal Sharish Gin

Part of a base distillation of Bravo apple of fresh Esmolfe. All botanicals are distilled separately and subsequently corrected the alcoholic contents and made a blend with all distillerates. After this is done a post distillation infusion with cinnamon and vanilla.


Juniper, coriander seed, licorice, angelica root, lemon peel, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clitoria ternatea, strawberry and raspberrySharish Blue Magic Gin

Part of a fresh strawberry and raspberry base distillation. A group of botanicals are distilled together and the remaining separately are subsequently a blend between them. The intense blue color is due to the infusion after the blend of the flower of Clitoria Ternatea, a variety of tropical pea whose flower is a powerful dye and very rich in antioxidants. This flower gives the magical character to the Sharish Blue Magic gin because when served in Gin tonic the blue color becomes a Lilas/rose by action of the citric acid that reacts naturally to contact with the flower.


Coriander seed, "pêra-rocha" pear, orange peel tangerine and lemon, thyme lemon, mandarin flower, pine needles, lavender, elderflower, cloves, germanic iris, licorice, angelica root, laurel seedSpecial Edition "Pera Rocha"

It is a gin with a more traditional profile, more geared towards more experienced gin connoisers. It is distilled only once in alembic, being only corrected its alcoholic content with water. The rock pear has a subtle presence functioning as an interligator of aromas and flavors.


Juniper, lúcia lime, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander seed, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, pear west rock and laurel leafSharish Gin Laurinius

A special edition that replicates the recipe of the original Sharish, replacing the brave apple of Esmolfe by Pear Rock and adding the laurel leaf. This gin stages for 12 months in barrels of 650 liters that were previously used to age the wine brandy of Lourinhã. For this reason its color slightly straw color and has a softness and complexity that challenges connoisseurs of whiskeys and wine spirits.

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Sharish Gin Original
Zimbro, maça bravo de Esmolfe, lúcia-lima, casca de laranja e casca de limão, semente de coentros, cravinho, baunilha, canela
Sharish Blue Magic Gin
Zimbro, semente de coentros, alcaçuz, raiz de angélica, casca de limão, gengibre, cardamomo, canela, clitoria ternatea, morango e framboesa
Gin Laurinius
Zimbro, lúcia lima, casca de laranja, casca de limão, semente de coentros, cravinho, baunilha, canela, pera rocha do oeste e folha de loureiro
Edição Especial Pera Rocha
Zimbro, semente de coentros, pera rocha, casca de laranja tangerina e limão, tomilho limão, flor de tangerineira, agulhas de pinheiro, lavanda, flor de sabugueiro, cravinho, iris germânica, alcaçuz, raiz de angélica, semente loureiro